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The Plum Foundation is helping I AM WATER, an organization founded by the South African freediver, speaker, writer and ocean conservationist Hanli Prinsloo, to ignite a movement of blue minds across the planet, to facilitate physical and emotional connections to the aquatic environment, to build understanding of the interdependence of healthy humans and healthy oceans and to influence behaviours to protect our global seas.

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I AM WATER is on a mission to help people fall in love with the ocean. The goal is to develop transformative ocean experiences to create the next generation of ocean conservationists.
Since 2010, the organization have been facilitating immersive ocean education workshops to increase ocean access and connection for youth in under-resourced coastal communities. Many of whom have never seen the world
beneath the waves.


For many children along the South African coastline, the thought of the ocean conjures feelings of fear, doubt or unattainable joy. Many of the communities we work with live walking distance to the ocean but has little to no real experience beyond the beach.
I AM WATER opens eyes underwater for the first time... building confidence, inclusivity and fostering ocean stewardship.


I AM WATER gives visibility to the fact that humankind cannot survive without nature, and nature cannot survive unless we radically change our behaviour.

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