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The Plum Foundation, which deepens its roots in the South African landscapes, decided to collaborate with Sea Change, a nonprofit environmental storytelling organization, dedicated to the wild and specifically the Great African Seaforest.

Inspired by nature, informed by science and guided by indigenous wisdom Sea Change aims to build a deeper connection between humans and the natural world by telling stories, through the use of world-class media, that generate a deep desire in people across the world to engage with, conserve and protect nature.

Our entire wellbeing is dependent on the natural world. For humans to be healthy, the air, oceans, forests, and all the varied and wonderful beings that we share this planet with need to be healthy.


My Octopus Teacher Follows the Story of the Year Craig Foster Spent With a Wild Octopus. Filmed with cutting edge 6K cameras, some of the world’s top filmmakers, cinematographers, and scientists have come together to create My Octopus Teacher. The film marks the first underwater film that combines high-end bluechip natural history sequences with the story of a human/animal relationship that documents the individual creature throughout its lifetime in the wild. At the 93rd Academy Awards, it won the award for Best Documentary Feature.


"Marine systems are the basis of all life on earth and are the foundation of our wellbeing as humans."

The Great African Seaforest is home to an incomprehensible amount of life.

Marine systems are the basis of all life on earth and are the foundation of our wellbeing as humans. Sea Change, with the support of the Plum Foundation works on the combination of marine biology, storytelling, and media work to bring awareness and reinforce our connection to mother Nature.

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