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We need imagination to undertake action. Humans are degrading Earth ecosystems in numerous ways, in many cases at an accelerating rate. Our massive economic growth of recent decades has come at the cost of ecological health. From forests to oceans, from farmlands to mountains, our diverse ecosystems are being damaged faster than they can recover. This means they are losing their integrity, biodiversity and ability to provide essential resources.
Humans are using about 1.6 times the resources that nature can sustainably renew every year, that said in other words, we’re using up the future to pay for the present. Half the world’s GDP is dependent on nature and the degradation of ecosystems is affecting about 40% of the world’s population already, threatening human health, livelihoods and food security
We need imagination to find solutions and accelerate rewilding processes.

The Plum Foundation puts  all its efforts in protecting and restoring the diversity of life on Earth.


Ecosystem restoration is the process of halting and reversing degradation, giving Nature time to get back. Fortunately nature has an extraordinary capacity for renewal and while some ecosystems are approaching a tipping point from which they cannot recover, many others can flourish again if we reverse our actions. We must rewild on massive scale.

At Plum, we can’t stop imagine a world where humans gather together to become the solution. Our goal is to empower individuals, communities, scientists and organizations creating

a vast and inspiring network of collaborations worldwide.

Image by Olen Gandy
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«Our foundation is the continuation of a journey started many years ago. With my companion I dreamed of adventure, of wild places, of living close to nature. A sailing boat was the answer, her name Plum, a splendid Swan 65.

A round-the world cruise began in the Mediterranean, crossed the Atlantic. But once through the Panama Canal our routing deviated turning left to circumnavigate South America. For this a three month plan turned to two years. Most of all we were enchanted by the great beauty of Southern Chile. Pristine forests, age-old Alerce trees of the giant Sequoia family, crystal clear waterfalls at every turn, great glaciers eventually calving into the ocean to form acquamarine colored icebergs, Williwaws a crazy wind rumbling off the tips of the Andes mountains to the sea. This was nature at its best, untouched and magnificent.

Over the years this experience has lead to The Plum Foundation. A message of hope.

Start small but think big.»



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