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Sally Dufour Berte
Founder and President

In my background there can be found explorers, pioneers, creative thinkers, philanthropists. As a natural consequence I have always had an insatiable curiosity, a wish to try to understand this precious world of ours at as many layers as possible, to continue to learn.

This has led to involvement in business, in culture and the arts and in social activities. Art expeditions to China in the 1980s were fascinating as well as challenging. A 10 year hands-on commitment to children from the garbage dumps of Cambodia was in itself a learning experience.

Ultimately a magnificent sailing boat appeared on my horizon, a Swan 65 ketch called Plum. For many years she led us to wild and beautiful places, circumnavigating South America, north to British Columbia and Alaska, south to the magic islands of Polynesia. Traveling on land was as exciting as exploring the great underworld of the sea. A window of new perspectives opened up.

Plum foundation is a continuation of this journey. Our objective and driving force is to try and protect and sustain wherever possible, in the sea and on land.

The bar can never be too high. Urgent change is needed.


Patrick E. Sacco

If I were to write a letter to my descendants, what would I say to them. Even more concerning what would they say to me, asking what we did to protect them to turn the tide of the disastrous course that we are experiencing.

Patrick is an active member and guardian of the Plum Foundation whose formation was built on rewilding the planet. At The Plum Foundation, we put our efforts to support rewilding projects helping wilderness and ecosystems to recover and thrive again with our focus on restoring forests; restoring, and protecting corals and the marine environment, helping to create a sustainable future for all of humanity. When not involved with the Plum Foundation, Patrick can be found on the chalk stream banks in Hampshire (United Kingdom), as he is an ardent fly fisherman, or traveling to all corners of the globe in pursuit of his obsession. It is during these travels that his passion for saving the environment and especially the oceans was ignited.


Most recently, through representing the Plum Foundation, Patrick was selected to take part in an Ocean Geographic Society sanctioned expedition to Antarctica run by Aurora Expeditions and Sylvia Earl’s, Mission Blue Foundation. A voyage of hope and discovery – with the hope that we will succeed.

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Simon Bland

As a Guardian of the Plum Foundation, my dedication to environmental preservation is deeply personal and converges with a profound belief in safeguarding our planet. I am passionate about the mission our founder, Sally, has set out, seeking to address the contemporary crises of climate change, deteriorating ecosystems, and the perilous state of our oceans. I apply my background in the corporate and political sectors to ensure the Plum Foundation is successful in its mission and vision for future generations.

Simon was formerly Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration and Director of the Office of Business Liaison for the United States Secretary of Commerce. He was previously a Managing Director and Senior Banker at JPMorgan Chase in the New York Private Bank. He has extensive experience advising senior leaders and CEOs and broad expertise in finance, economics, relationship management and U.S. politics. Simon is originally from South Africa and believes passionately in preserving our oceans and planet for future generations through local engagement and a collective spirit.


Sandra Masato
Council Member

Everything started WHEN I WAS A CHILD WITH MY father and our long walks in the Dolomites. He showed me an incredibly magic and wild worlD, a world so perfect that even a little sheet of paper or plastic could destroy and ruin it.
From that moment on I put all my efforts to preserve this magnificent PLANET which we call home.

Suddenly I got to meet the Sea. Huge, restless, unsettled and full of mysteries.
From Venice, my hometown, I started get closer to it, learning bit by bit, wave by wave. Getting on board, having a rope in my hands and discovering with immense joy I could navigate with the only force of the wind.
In 1987 my dreams came true obtaining my first boating license. I spent 5 years in the Mediterranean, sailing everywhere: Italy, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Malta, France and Spain.
Then finally the big jump across the Gibraltar strait.
From that moment I got familiar with the Atlantic ocean, which I crossed fourteen times.  
Caribbean islands became my second home, then I kept on sailing everywhere in the world from Polinesia to South Africa, from the Northern Sea to the Indian Ocean. Sixteen years non stop.
Now I’m back on land, my feet steady on the ground, discovering the beauty of regenerative agriculture and sustainable living.

Stephane Postifferi copia.jpg

Stephane Posifferi
Financial Advisor

Stephane is an active member and councillor of The Plum Foundation, responsible for compliance, legal matters and the financial management of The Plum Foundation.

Postgraduate diploma in international law and practice and international business management.

Over 24 years’ experience in the Trust companies and banking sectors. 

Stephane is a gentle dreamer who fell in love with the beauty of nature and the oceans as a child. He believes that the climate change we are currently experiencing is not inevitable, but the consequence of our desire to consume more and more. By joining the Plum Foundation and the values espoused by its members, Stephane hopes to use his experience and enthusiasm to help protect the environment and nature.

As a former scout, Stephane was able to appreciate the beauty and fragility of nature during his many hikes in the forest. Through his scouting activities, Stephane has helped to clean up groves and forest soiled by human stupidity and to replant aeras ravaged by fire.

As a sailor, Stephane notes with sadness and bitterness the degradation of our seas and Oceans, but he believes that thanks to collective action and the awareness of new generations of the vital importance of preserving our ecosystems and biodiversity, we are capable of living together in harmony with Nature.


Germana C. Lavagna
Project manager

I'VE ALWAYS BEEN AN ACTIVIST, realizing the urgency with which we need to curb our
impact on the planet and other beings.

Nature. WE JUST HAVE TO SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO IT. There’s no action without personal commitment, that often originates in our deeper feelings and emotions.

A prolific professional with a unique combination of academic and professional experience, as well as a wide range of technical skills.
Through her work, she has successfully completed a diverse set of collaborations, producing documentaries for the web and shooting reportages on major socio political issues in the Mediterranean area, Africa and South East Asia as editor for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). She co-founded and chaired a multi-awarded organization that promotes integration and multicultural relationships. Germana is a TEDx speaker and a committed activist always on the move, looking for inspiration across cultures and socio-political circumstances. Combining her academical background in Philosophy with her strong experience in storytelling and advocacy, she has a strong track record of putting her skills to the service of NGOs and projects of a strong ethical nature.

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